Classroom sessions

The following SKIPS classroom sessions are for students in Grade 5 and Grade 6:

Classroom session 1 introduces a health continuum and concepts of wellness and illness.

It considers good mental health and mental health problems. It looks at the similarities and differences between physical and mental health and illness.

Finally it normalizes mental illness as a common and manageable condition similar to physical health problems that children are already aware of.

Classroom session 2 considers the language we use about mental illness and to describe people with a mental illness.

It explains the possible causes of mental illness and the nature of some mental illnesses.

It gives examples of the impact of mental illness on families and the children in those families.

Classroom session 3 reviews what has been learned and then a guest speaker with a mental illness tells students their story and answers their questions.

Each session lasts one hour and includes interactive activities, games, worksheets and lots of discussion.